891 Mud Lake Rd. Murillo, ON P0T 2G0                 (807) 577-6150

 Haven Ranch is based on 150 acres located 15 miles (25 minutes) west of  Thunder Bay in the rugged logging, mining area of Northwestern Ontario.

 We offer lessons, leasing, boarding, layovers, pony rides, carriage service, cowboying activities, and horses for all occasions!  Don't see what you need? Call us!

Private Horsemanship Lessons
& Trail Riding:

1 1/2 Hours: $40
2 Hours; $50
3 Hours: $60
4 Hours: $70
5 to 12 Hours : $100

Introductory lesson is $50 for 2 hours.
Lessons are customized to the individual's needs and desires.

Trails rides are currently limited to one to three individuals with advanced riding skills.
Boarding and Leasing:

$250 per Month

Boarding includes group pasture turnout, stall or shelter when needed, grain and hay when required and access to fresh water and salt.

Leasing allows daily riding opportunities for qualified individuals.
Tack is available if needed.  Call for details.

We also offer layovers for horses and other livestock at $30/head/day.

Pony Rides: 

$30/pony or horse per hour at the ranch.

Off ranch:
We can provide rides at any location for special events.
$150 for one horse or pony for up to one hour.
Additional hours at $50/hour.
Additional horses or ponies at $50 each.
Carriage Service:

Two seated (1-3 persons) western style, horse-drawn spring buggy with natural oak- finish available with driver for weddings, anniversaries, graduations, parades, advertising, etc..
$200 for up to one hour at any location
$100/hour for additional hours